Lunch with brand

Half-serious guide on the world of branded products and food market. Orient yourself among the shelves of the supermarket without demonizing any type of product. Let's find out if and how much we need the brand when we are going to ppare a meal or make a sandwich for the lunch break.

Do the shopping

You have invited your friends for lunch and you want to make a good impssion. You have organized a picnic with your family and you have to feed the children too. What are you going to eat at snack time? When you walk between the shelves of a supermarket, branded products strike your attention and you would like to buy them all. Making a shopping list will help you not to be tempted. If you keep a clear head it will be easier to understand when buying branded products is inevitable.

What am I looking for?

Be aware of what you are looking for. When you go to buy cookies, for example, look at the labels of the branded products and compare them with those of generic products. With the same ingredients, generics can be cheaper. Do not buy a pig in a poke just because they are branded products. The reasoning can also be reversed. A cheap product may not be of good quality or have a worse quality than branded products. A balanced attitude will benefit both your wallet and your health.

Reliable sources

When it comes to choosing how to feed, information is important. It is not enough to look at advertisements or listen to advice from friends. We must inform ourselves from those who have competence. It is not necessary to demonize branded products. What is absolutely necessary is to know what they contain, what is good for us and what hurts our health.